Tuesday, November 14, 2006

JavaME and Eclipse

There is a Eclipse project for JavaME called Device Software Development Platform Project, yesterday they announces Three Milestone Releases.

Eclipse unifying enterprise SOA and mobile development
Eclipse Releases Platforms for Mobiles, Target Management, Java

I think a lot good stuff coming out from this Eclipse project!
But I am little worried about the possible fragmentation of the JavaME platform.
(it is great with eSWT but I prefer if it was a JCP standard)

I think we really need a new GUI toolkit for JavaME/CDC1.1 platform and soon new devices supporting eSWT will be released, so I will go for eSWT!
(I perhaps will change my mind when there are more devices on market that supports AGUI, but for the moment I only know about the SavaJe phone Jasper)

I hope Netbeans in the future will support eSWT, but I have no hope in the short term!

I also think it great when companies like Nokia and Motorala want to support developers, but please support booth the Netbeans and the Eclipse platforms.

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