Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Create Apps for Nokia N9 using Qt SDK, part 1

First start to read: Develop for the Nokia N9

The first thing I always do is to install the development tools needed, I found information about it on: Introducing MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan to the Qt SDK. After I had download Qt SDK 1.1.2 and installed it on my Mac, I also need to install the Harmattan target to extend Qt SDK's capabilities to cover the Harmattan platform. I did that by start the "SDKMaintenanceTool" and add "Experimental -Harmattan", but I added everything not included in the default installation. More is better! :-)

Then I start reading about Qt developement on Nokia developer, Qt.
After a while I found: To get started with an application for the Nokia N9 smartphone and the link to: the getting started section of the Harmattan Developer Library.

Now it is time to reading......and do some example code
I wish I only had a Nokia N950, would be great!.

Developer can sign up for free N950, read more here!

Read also: Nokia N9 UX Guidelines

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