Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Develop for MeeGo, Android or WebOS is the big question for me

Yesterday I told you on twitter (@ovjo12):
"Ok now I have had look on both #webos and #Android and found out that I believe right thing is to develop for #MeeGo"
"Must say nothing wrong with #webos or #android, I believe more in #meego now, but I could change my mind, lets see what Nokia do after #n9"

The background:
Some year's ago I took a decision to learn something else than JavaME because it was obvious that it was not enough with knowledge of JavaME because more and more mobile platforms didn't support Java. This was really pity because I love the idea of "write once run everywhere". I then decided to start learn more about Qt because Nokia told me this is the future, then you are able to easily write apps to both the Symbian platform and to the Maemo/MeeGo platform. That's sounds very nice until Nokia in februari 2011 change the strategy and change platform from MeeGo to MS Windows for high end mobiles. I was very angry.....!!

The status now:
So far I have learned more about developing for the WebOs platform and the Android platform, I don't know so much about it yet but I know more...than before. The obvious choose for me is Android because I am a Java guy. But it is not easy to choose and it is not easy to learn all of them!

I recommend to read this book:
Mobile Developer's Guide: No.8, download the pdf from here.

The conclusion:
I think is all about which company that can produce the best hardware and software, I agree with this "I believe you have to follow the market, and the consumers own it." as danielcarlberg told me on twitter yesterday.

Today I own an Apple iPad and I love it, both because of the the hardware and the build in software and apps. I would love to replace it with an Android device, MeeGo device or WebOS device, but I haven't yet found any replacements.
I have now had the opportunity to learn more about : HP TouchPad (based on WebOS) and Asus ePad (based on Android), later this year Asus will come with a Eee PC X101 (based on MeeGo)

I think IT IS REALLY HARD TO TELL WHO WILL BE THE WINNER IN THIS WAR between different mobile platforms and development approaches. For me it is not only about building apps to sales as I work as consultant and obviously would like to have more consulting gigs, but were will all the customers be in the future?

Last week I was very pleased when Nokia announce the first MeeGo phone, the Nokia N9. I was not so pleased when Elop told us "there’s no return to MeeGo, even if N9 would be a success”, this sounds very strange to me??

Anyway I have now got more MeeGo Energy with the Nokia N9 so I will go on learning more about MeeGo development and wait and see what happen after Nokia N9, perhaps Elop have to change his mind? I hope so!
I will also go on learn more Android and WebOS development but as a second choose after MeeGo, I can change my mind very fast so you newer know. :-)

I also would like to lend or buy more MeeGo/WebOS/Android devices because I believe I have to play with it for some weeks and test to develop for the platform to really know, so please if you have any spare device I would like to lend it for some weeks!!

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