Friday, June 03, 2011

waiting waiting...

Yes I am waiting for what?
- JavaME_next? Something have to happen in JavaME I believe, perhaps to late?
- First Nokia MeeGo phone, I love my Nokia N900 but it is two years old now.
- Nokia Developer World 2011, when and were?
- Symbian Anna, so I can update my Nokia E7!! Looking forward to that!!
- Really would like to replace my iPad with a MeeGo tablet, what to buy?
- A developer user group for Qt/MeeGo in Stockholm/Sweden would be nice I think.
- First Nokia / MS Windows phone, will be interesting to see..
My problem with Nokia's new strategy is that I don't think Microsoft/Nokia phones can compete with a iPhone, the answer I believe!!

It will be a interesting year and a very important year for Nokia I believe

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