Monday, June 27, 2011

MeeGo on the Nokia S40 platform

Reading: Eldar Murtazin Confirms MeeGo Will Be Back in 2012, in a Different Form Though by by Chinmoy Kanjila, Techie Buzz.
"Meego interface will be reused in s40 next generation touchscreen devices (mid2012). So, yes we could say that Nokia Meego will be alive :) "

I have also heared this rumours about MeeGo and the next generations Nokia S40 platform, very interesting!
I don't understand it if is only about reuse the Meego interface, this because the S40 platform is JavaME based if I understand it correctly.

I think it would more interesting with a full stack MeeGo on the Nokia S40 platform, not only the Meego interface. Then developers like me can using the normal MeeGo platform for building apps.

Any way, I don't know what will happen with the MeeGo platform at Nokia after the Nokia N9, reading: Elop says even if N9 is a hit Nokia wont consider MeeG, what a shame.

I was very glad after the announcement of the Nokia N9 and but now I feel like "what are Nokia doing? why announce a MeeGo phone if they don't care about it? " and "Should I really invest more in learning building Qt/MeeGo apps?"

Ok I understand that Nokia don't want to give us all there plans for the future but ..... we (developers like me) have at least to believe there is a future building apps for Nokia devices, I thing Nokia really need a new PR strategy!!

Now I aslo reading the very interesting article: The four wheels spinning MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan by Quim Gil, MeeGo advocate & working at Nokia. "About the future, since I joined the mobile industry in 2007 only one true has prevailed: no matter what your prediction is, the reality in 12 months will be different and unexpected today. Enjoy!"

ok, Nokia don't want to tell us about the future, but we should be happy and develop Nokia Qt apps and hope every will works fine with MeeGo and Qt in the future. It could be a problem with that strategy, I don't know if a lot of developers feels happy about that?

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