Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nokia, now you have iPhone killer, the Nokia N9

Reading a very excellent article Editorial: Dear Nokia, you cannot be serious! By Vlad Savov at Engadget .
One conclusion in this article is: Did Nokia jump ship too early? After spending some quality time with the N9, I'd say so.

At Maemo Summit 2009 Nokia talked about big plan for the fifth step, Maemo 6 (now MeeGo) and I was delighted because I really loved the Nokia N900, the resultat after 2 years hard work we can now see the Nokia N9
Great work all Nokia crew, you didn't disappoint us !!

Nokia, now you have the iPhone killer, the Nokia N9 with MeeGo!!!
Don't throw it away all the hard work you have done with the Maemo/MeeGo platform.

The success Apple have had with iPhone I believe because the control both the hardware and software, now Nokia have the same opportunity with MeeGo. is not enough to say "We will release on MeeGo phone during 2011", I don't see the bright future either for Nokia/MeeGo and for me as a developer working with Qt apps for MeeGo or Symbinan.

At next Nokia World 2011 & Nokia Developer Summit 2011 I hope Nokia are able to show us the future of MeeGo at Nokia, it is needed I think!!.

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